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For a quick MM! AU Military unit while i work on the Arkos Wedding pics, who do you want to see next? 

15 deviants said Arc Clan vanguard
11 deviants said Nikos Clan Warriors (Pyrrha's cousins among them)
9 deviants said Knights of Mantle
7 deviants said Vale Rangers
7 deviants said Mistral Lancers (Mistral's robots)
6 deviants said New Path State Security troopers (Pathmaker Guards)
4 deviants said Knight-300 robots (Atlas)
2 deviants said Vacuo Scouts
1 deviant said Atlas Army post-revolution


Robert O'Mannion III, esq.
United States
C.S. Lewis wrote:
"Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

Current Residence: MASS-UH-CHU-SITS
Favourite genre of music: CLassical, classic rock
Favourite style of art: My own
Shell of choice: 88 mm
Skin of choice: preferably the one on my body...
Favourite cartoon character: Soundwave, Pyrrha Nikos, Princess Ilana, Church, Henry the green engine
Personal Quote: Still plays with trains...and DAMN PROUD OF IT!
Prologue: "The Awakening."
Pyrrha Nikos awakens after the fall of Beacon, and must face a new world, as she recovers from her injuries wrought by Cinder Fall, reconnects with her family and friends, forms new alliances... And grows closer to Jaune. But new trials are on the horizon...

Book One: The Siege of Mistral.
The White Fang's bombardment of Mistral has begun, and team JNPR, along with team RWBY and other close friends, must ally with the Mistral armed forces if they are to prevent Haven sharing Beacons fate. However, combat with such an implacable foe will test the abilities and souls of our heroes to the fullest...and Pyrrha will face her own trials, as she comes face-to-face with Cinder Fall once more...

Book Two: Incident in Atlas.
Cinder Fall's machinations draw our heroes to the frozen lands of Atlas, even as internal strife threatens to tear team JNPR apart...and send Pyrrha tumbling into an abyss she barely escaped at Beacon. When Jaune's life is threatened, however, Pyrrha knows she has to choose....even if it costs her her very soul...

Book Three: The Vacuo Massacre. 
Pyrrha Nikos, having mended a sundered relationship with her friends, now faces two trials: Cinder Fall has engineered a massive Grimm Horde in Vacuo...and Pyrrha herself is pregnant! When the world needs her most, Pyrrha is unable to rise to the challenge, and can only watch from afar as her friends manage to stem the tide...but it is too late for Vacuo....

Book Four: A Fresh Start.
Having survived a tumultuous labor, Pyrrha, Jaune, and their newborn daughter Liakada settle into a small house in Vale, seeking to start a new life. While unable to fully escape the nightmares of the past four years, Pyrrha now has both the support of her family and friends, and a new purpose in life; to build a world safe for her daughter. 
Through trials, tribulations, and motherhood, Pyrrha starts to forge a new identity, one confirmed when she and Jaune announce their decision to marry. The Wedding of Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos is a sign to their friends and the world that hope can overcome the darkness....but the darkness still remains...

Book Five: The Fall.
Two years have passed since Cinder Fall's last appearance, and Pyrrha Nikos-Arc, Combat instructor at Beacon, is looking forward to both her appointment to the newly-organized Huntsmen Oversight Committee and the birth of her second child. However, an accident at her baby shower puts the new baby's life at risk....and puts Pyrrha on a crash-course for her final Showdown with Cinder Fall...and for a destiny she thought she missed long ago...

Book Six: Mother And Maiden, part 1:
Pyrrha Nikos: the Fall Maiden. Warrior, hero, savior...and mother.
As Pyrrha starts to dive deeper into the realms of her power, she also struggles with her son, Jaune Jr, who is frequently ill and, worryingly, showing none of his sister's aptitude for aura or semblance. Indeed, he may have a hard time learning to walk...

Book Seven: And here my Troubles Began:
As Pyrrha struggles to balance her work at the increasingly deadlocked HOC and her duties as a maiden, tragedy strikes when JJ is kidnapped by Jaune's father, nearly tearing her and Jaune apart. Even after JJ is rescued and Lia enters combat school, Pyrrha's worries are not eased: Jaune's father is determined to take JJ from them, and so Pyrrha and Jaune make the heartbreaking decision to keep their son hidden away, to keep him out of the Arc patriarchs hands.  Little do they see the chaos this decision will cause...

Book Eight: Sickness in our Hearts.
Five long, agonizing years have passed for Pyrrha, five years in which she spoke to her son only ten times. Beset with nightmares and run ragged by the HOC, when one particularly bad nightmare finally motivates Pyrrha to bring her son home...she finds that she is too late: JJ, overwhelmed by misery from his isolation, has been seduced into "The New Path" a staunchly anti-Huntsman organization that has taken control of Atlas. When Pyrrha's own effort to reclaim her son fails, a poorly timed attempt by her daughter only results in catastrophe, as JJ unleashes a storm of recriminations on his family and The New Path, attempting to reclaim their kidnapped officer, end up destroying Beacon. All Pyrrha can do is watch in agony as JJ flies away, a baleful, saddened gaze his only parting gesture...

Book Nine: to The Night of the War:
overcome with grief, Pyrrha can only refuse the plea by the HOC to lead the Huntsmen against the New Path. When a disaster nearly wipes out the Huntsmen and almost kills Jaune and her friends, however, Pyrrha knows that only one thing is certain: she must save her son. 
An unfulfilling covert meeting with JJ, however, is only compounded when Lia takes matters into her own hands, and runs off to fight the New Path on her own terms. The parallels to her own near-demise fill Pyrrha with horror, and she turns to the only resource she has left: the Maiden powers that had increasingly abandoned her since JJ's departure years before. 
Armed with knowledge both from the past and an unlikely source, Pyrrha's true destiny awaits her...

Book Ten: Mother and Maiden, Part 2: 
The Second Great War has begun, but Pyrrha doesn't care: her mission, her only mission, is to save her son. As the world falls into chaos, Pyrrha will rebuild bridges with both friends and family, regain her lost luster and fighting skill, and embrace her powers like never before. But will it be enough to save JJ and stop the New Path?
  • Listening to: Nightwish
  • Reading: The same books I read last year.
  • Watching: RWBY


*Mental image of Pyrrha as a mama deer helping a baby deer JJ try to stand on shaky legs....*

*Mental image of Pyrrha eating a Gyro....*

*mental image of Jaune eating Escargot while his teammates, even Nora, look on in undisguised disgust*

*mental image of Pyrrha and Jaune playing with baby Lia right after they move to Vale...*

*mental image of Lia defending JJ from Earl Winchester and his gang of bullies...*

.....Artists' block is the PITS. 

“So, Little Red…” Cinder sneered as she blocked another bullet, “You think you can stop me?”
Ruby scowled, pausing as she could see her barrage was having no effect. She held a fighting stance, her cape fluttering in the wind, as she tried to look for an opening. Behind Cinder, she could see Pyrrha rising on shaking knees.
“Pyrrha!” she called as she flipped Crescent Rose into its Scythe mode “Sound off! Are you okay?”

“Ruby….Get… OUT of here!” Pyrrha gasped, clutching at her chest as her long crimson locks pooled around her. Blood dribbled through her fingers as she pulled the loose arrow from the shallow wound with an agonized gasp.
“I’m not leaving you!” Ruby cried, as she tried to think of a way to get between Pyrrha and Cinder.
Cinder peered over her shoulder at “The invincible girl” for a moment before, satisfied that Pyrrha wasn’t an immediate threat, she turned her full attention to the new interloper.
“You should listen to her, Ruby.” She said, turning the girl’s name into a dismissive sneer as she split her bow into its twin sword configuration “You and your friends have been such a help to my plans, so as a way of saying thank you, I’ll even give you a few seconds to run.”
Ruby’s eyes locked onto Cinder’s own, the silver irises almost glowing in the moonlight, undisturbed by the clouds. For a moment, there was silence: even the sounds of the roaring Grimm Dragon in the distance faded away.

For a single, solitary instant, Ruby’s eyes flared with a potent, powerful light, one that, for an equal instant, wiped the grin from Cinder’s face.

“You think you can come into MY school, Hurt MY friends, and attack MY Kingdom, and I’m just going to run? you…you….you WITCH!” Ruby screamed, as though it were the worst curse she could think of.
And she charged.

Cinder braced herself as a flurry of rose petals swarmed around her, before the full bulk of Ruby’s petite form slammed into her at full speed. The Witch flew backwards, her swords flying from her hands and shattering as they hit the floor of Ozpin’s office.
“You little shi-“ She began to snarl, but was cut off as Ruby flew into a flurry of cuts and blows as Cresent rose spun in the night sky.
Cinder’s hand erupted in flame as she swung back, her fist slamming into the spinning blade and ricocheting off, causing a fireball to shoot across the night sky. As an errant Nevermore took the full force of the blast and burst into flames, Cinder leapt back, her cocky sneer replaced by a scowl of rage.
“You honestly think you can stop me?” She shouted, her voice thick with dismissive annoyance “I’ve already beaten you before, and that was only with a fragment of my power!”
Ruby’s brow furrowed, before her eyes widened in realization.
“So that was YOU in Beacon tower?”  she shouted.
“You’re just figuring that out NOW?! Oh, for goodness’ sake!” Cinder roared, shaking her head in exasperation as her hands flared into flames once more, “I’ve already wasted enough time on you!”

As the two plunged back into pitched combat, Pyrrha had managed to drag herself over near the edge of the ruins of the headmaster’s office. Concrete shards and broken glass had only added to her injuries, and a red trail lay in her wake.
Her vision was starting to go dark: her aura was completely drained, and every movement of her arms was like a knife in her chest. It was nothing but pure luck the arrow hadn’t gone deeper.
“Jaune…I’m so sorry….” She murmured, beginning to slip out of consciousness as she tried to think of a way to do something. Rolling onto her back, she watched the fight through half-lidded eyes. As she watched, she grimaced: Ruby was taking a lot more hits than she was giving out. Agony tore at Pyrrha’s heart as the petite red-brunette was sent skidding across the office floor, bouncing off one of the gears Pyrrha had tried to use to entrap Cinder: She couldn’t even stand, and Ruby was no match for Cinder, even if prolonged fighting must have drained Cinder’s Aura-

At once, Pyrrha’s eyes snapped fully open, and had she been able to move her arms to do so she would likely have facepalmed.
“of course…” She murmured to herself “the power…is tied…to aura….”
Recalling Ozpin’s words before her attempt to receive the power from the comatose Amber, Pyrrha immediately began looking around for a means to make use of the revelation: they didn’t need to BEAT Cinder, just run out her aura enough that- Aha!
Agonized gasps tearing from her throat as she reached out to grasp a piece of rubble, she raised the chunk of concrete, smiling as she saw a piece of rebar embedded in it, and turned her attention back to the fight-
-just in time for her eyes to widen in horror as she saw Cinder raising her swords over the fallen figure of Ruby, who was struggling to stand.

Adrenaline flooding her muscles, banishing her pain, Pyrrha reared back and flung the piece of concrete with all the strength she could muster. Her vision tunneled as fresh spurts of blood ran down her chest…
…but the sickening *CRACK!* as the rock impacted the side of Cinder’s head and the outraged cry of pain as she crumpled sideways were enough to draw a triumphant grin to her lips. That had to have done it, now they could-

her train of thought broke off as a low chuckle came from the spot where Cinder had fallen.

“So….you still got some fight in you after all, Nikos.” Cinder said in her usual seductively calm tone as she stood, one hand pressed to the side of her head, the other clutching one of her swords. Stepping over the fallen Ruby, she strode across Ozpin’s office. Ruby tried to push herself up using Crescent Rose, but her body flickered as her Aura finally gave out.
“No…” She whimpered as she collapsed back to her knees, “Pyrrha….”

Pyrrha tried to scrabble backwards as the woman approached, but between her crippled ankle, her chest wound, and her compromised arms she could barely manage a halfhearted wiggle, her eyes widening in terror as her breath rate increased.
“Where was I? Oh, yes.” Cinder continued as she stopped standing over Pyrrha’s fallen form, pausing to wipe some concrete dust off her dress, her eye flaring like the embers of a candle: Pyrrha’s blow had weakened her….but not stopped her. She turned her gaze fully to the fallen Huntress, a triumphant grin on her face.
“It is unfortunate that you were promised a power that was never truly yours.” The witch continued as she raised her blade, the tip nipping at Pyrrha’s chest wound, sending fresh bursts of agony into Pyrrha’s mind and causing her to gasp in pain.  
“…But take comfort in knowing that I will use it in ways you would have never imagined…” Cinder continued, as she slowly took the hilt of her sword in both hands, raising it above her, ready to deliver a killing blow. Ruby, eyes wide in terror, reached out, as though her feeble grasp could somehow alter what was about to happen.
Cinder seemed to be waiting, tormenting the helpless Pyrrha further as ever instinct screamed at her to get up, to fight, to do something!  
No…it couldn’t…not like this!

“Jaune….” A silent whisper gasped, as Cinder lunged-

and then everything happened at once.

An Atlesian gunship reared up over the lip of the building, spotlights shining a blinding light on the three youths. The downdraft forced Cinder to step back, shielding her eyes and staggering away from Pyrrha’s fallen form.


A pair of feet landed before Pyrrha’s wide eyes, and, as she followed the two sets of legs up, she could see a pair of familiar bodies attached to them.
“Uncle…Qrow?” Ruby gasped as she stared at the two figures “Professor Goodwitch?”
The spike-haired Huntsman glared at Cinder with undisguised anger, while Glynda pushed her glasses up her nose, her no-nonsense manner radiating like a beacon.
“Glynda, get them into the transport!” Qrow shouted, unsheathing his weapon and, flipping it into sword mode, charged at Cinder, who was trying to recover her stance.
“You again?!” she screamed as she deflected his first blow with her sword, her hands erupting into fire.
As Pyrrha watched the scene unfolding before her, she suddenly felt herself be lifted bodily, and could see Ruby levitating, surrounded by a familiar purple glow.

“Children, leave this to us.” Glynda’s voice spoke as she guided the two floating girls over to the transport she and Qrow had leapt from, which had turned to present its loading door to the three. A Young Atlesian officer with black hair and a pencil-moustache stood in the doorway.
“Reinforcements standing by, Miss Goodwitch!” he shouted over the noise of the engines as Glynda guided the two girls inside the craft, where Atlas soldiers took them deeper inside as she released them “Major Heydrich says he can bring the Emperor Maxim around to provide-“
“Your forces have already interfered enough today, I believe, Captain Butler.” Glynda snapped, cutting the young officer off before he could finish “You can help now by getting these two to the nearest medical bay as quickly as possible!”
For a moment, the young captain stared, and his eyes narrowed as though he were going to reply. But Glynda’s piercing glare silenced any protest, and he nodded stiffly instead.
“Understood, ma’am.” He said flatly, before stepping back inside as the craft dove away. Glynda didn’t even watch it go, turning to aid Qrow immediately.

Inside, Pyrrha and Ruby were laid into crash-seat stretchers by two Atlas soldiers, strapped down as the officer stepped past them.
“We’ll have you in the Emperor Maxim’s medical bay in short order, ladies.” He said without looking down at them, proceeding into the cockpit to confer with the pilot. Both girls smiled all the same as the two Atlas troopers began treating their injuries, paying careful attention to Pyrrha’s chest wound.
Their position gave them a good view of one of the windows, and as the dropship banked away from the school, more was revealed.
“oh my gosh…” Ruby whispered. Pyrrha, unable to speak, could only breathe deeply in disbelief.

All around them, a whole fleet of Atlas Battleships had appeared, some even larger than the vessels Ironwood had brought with him. Huge cannons roared, tearing into the swarming Grimm Hordes, as the top of Beacon tower erupted into a lightshow to rival the most spectacular fireworks display.
“General Ironwood must have called for reinforcements.” Ruby mused, before turning her attention back to Pyrrha.


For a quick MM! AU Military unit while i work on the Arkos Wedding pics, who do you want to see next?
15 deviants said Arc Clan vanguard
11 deviants said Nikos Clan Warriors (Pyrrha's cousins among them)
9 deviants said Knights of Mantle
7 deviants said Vale Rangers
7 deviants said Mistral Lancers (Mistral's robots)
6 deviants said New Path State Security troopers (Pathmaker Guards)
4 deviants said Knight-300 robots (Atlas)
2 deviants said Vacuo Scouts
1 deviant said Atlas Army post-revolution
MM! AU: Sweetie and the Brain
JJ getting a sweet little thank you from Sucre for the Valentines card he gave her. He promptly fainted. 

Lia, watching from afar with Bianca, could only comment "any sweeter and i'd have gotten a cavity." 

Happy Valentines, everyone. 



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