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MM! AU: Spring feelings :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 59 12 Pyrrha Nikos: Mother and Maiden :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 78 23 MM! AU: State Security :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 41 11 RWBY: Atlas Railroad :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 22 7 RWBY: Trans Vacuo Railway :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 22 23 MM! AU: Pathmaker Guards :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 36 59 M! AU: Winter Schnee, Mistress of Magic :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 78 16 Magic! AU: Dinner at the Savoy :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 75 8
Siege of Mistral: Team RWBY's story
Team RWBY was given the task of scouting the “front lines” of the Red Fang positions, locating options for penetrating the siege ring and drawing RF forces away from the city. Landing at the Northernmost landing point, the team and their professional guardian, Qrow, link up with the Mistral Skirmishers, who by this point were considered more a Bandit gang than an organized military force. However, Ruby’s professional sharpshooting skills earned her respect from the group, and their commander agreed to come to the Kingdom’s aid “in spite of everything.”
RWBY soon learns their tragic tale: after the end of the Great War, the Skirmishers were considered too dangerous to be allowed to remain in the post-Vytal world: there would be no need for such professional troops in the new world of the Huntsmen, and while a few had joined the new defenders of Remnant, many were dismissive of the idea of such a loosely-organized force.
While the group accepted being
:iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 7 11
MM! AU: Siege Of Mistral: The Planning session :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 52 37 MM!AU: Nikos Clan Warriors :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 23 8 MM! AU: Sweetie and the Brain :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 27 27 RWBY: One Year... :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 79 45 MM! AU: Confrontation :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 94 236 Team RWBY: Siege of Mistral :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 89 14 Team JNPR, Siege of Mistral :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 109 16


Mature content
Rwby: Ship 4eva :iconomnipotrent:Omnipotrent 58 76
Raining Ladybugs :iconemruki:Emruki 913 19 Dance with Me :iconemruki:Emruki 72 7 NEWSPRINTS :iconemruki:Emruki 110 16 You fought bravely :icondehvan:Dehvan 43 4 Different Serving Sizes :iconejaylee:ejaylee 99 9 not her fan art :icongothicbolas:GothicBolas 29 3 RWBY Chibi: Ozpin and Glynda :iconjyojiriin:Jyojiriin 73 4 Hat?? :iconleahwite:LeaHwite 42 5 Sexy Pyrrha Nikos Complete :icontsurugiknight:TSURUGIKNIGHT 55 0 Commmission Pyrrha Nikos (NSFW) :iconzeneria29:zeneria29 146 11 Ruby Rose I am not a crook (RWBY) :iconthestealthdrawings:TheStealthDrawings 38 15 You know nothing Jaune Arc :iconthenightwishmaster:theNightwishmaster 206 49 White Knight :iconejaylee:ejaylee 69 4 Nap Time Pt1 :iconlongsean22:LongSean22 39 24 Irish steam locomotives sprites :icondrawing425:drawing425 19 20

Does Pyrrha like GYROs? 

26 deviants said what's a Gyro?
21 deviants said Oh Sweet Mercy YUS
6 deviants said eh, kinda


Robert O'Mannion III, esq.
United States
C.S. Lewis wrote:
"Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

Current Residence: MASS-UH-CHU-SITS
Favourite genre of music: CLassical, classic rock
Favourite style of art: My own
Shell of choice: 88 mm
Skin of choice: preferably the one on my body...
Favourite cartoon character: Soundwave, Pyrrha Nikos, Princess Ilana, Church, Henry the green engine
Personal Quote: Still plays with trains...and DAMN PROUD OF IT!

I haven’t forgotten that I hinted at a “Mother Maiden” OC contest. Just to keep the interested….interested, here’s how I’m planning to break it down:

NOTE: the contest has NOT begun, and will not do so for a few weeks yet. This is simply to give any interested parties time to start conceiving ideas. I will announce a start date well in advance.

There will be a one-month period (likely in summer, so people won’t be tied down with school) where people can submit their character ideas. These ideas will be set into categories.

1: Huntsmen/Huntresses (individual or teams, Academy Students or Professionals)

2: New Path personnel (Pathfinders, State Security members, Science division officers, Mantle Night Life figures (think Las Vegas) “Surveyors,” the Secret SpecOps personnel, or Liberated Faunus) These can be righteous souls or complete bastards, it’s up to you how their personality will flow. 
Note: please try to refrain from having them desert: Loyalty to a cause can trump personal feelings more often than not. 

3: Red Fang members (either ex-White Fang converts or Shalim Cultists, and note that these are not limited to the period immediately after the fall of Beacon.) 

4: Sweeney Members (who could be Huntsmen Academy students or professionals, Criminals, Ex-Red Fang, Deserters from the New Path, armed citizens of Vale and Vacuo, etc.)

5: The People of Remnant: These could be ordinary civilians or members of some of the groups I’ve created, for example: Mistral Skirmishers, Mistral Armed forces, Vale Rangers, Knights of Mantle, Humanity First, The White Paw, Arc Clan or Nikos Clan members, etc.  Organizations you created yourself are also welcome, provided background info is presented. 
This category can double as Sweeney members, if placed correctly in the timeline.   

When submitting your character ideas, please, please, PLEASE be as descriptive as possible, particularly of their appearance and weapons. If you cannot provide images of the character themselves, please provide as many references as you can. If you’re using an image someone else has drawn for you, make sure you have permission from the original artist first. 


now, what would a contest be without a prize?  There will be three places:

Third Place: a drawing by me of their OC. 

Second Place: a drawing by me of their OC, and a drawing of their favorite canon RWBY character

First Place: OC drawing, Fave Character drawing, and a drawing of a scene of their choice and description, be it from the canon series or a scene they conceive set in the AU. (No “Adult content.” 

All three will also become “Canon” characters in the AU. 

Now, to avoid spamming of a single category ( IE, everyone submitting Huntsmen, and so forth), there must be at least two submissions to each category in order for the contest to move ahead. I know more than ten people are interested in this, so I will look forward to what you conceive of.


- Four characters, no more. Huntsman teams count as one entity, but only one team per participant: the other three have to be individuals.  And all four members of the team have to have Bios of their own.

-Seasonal Maidens are out of bounds. They are already characters in the AU (Pyrrha’s one of them, and so is her mother.) Characters affiliated with them (like Pyrrha’s father, or agents of Ozpin) are allowed, however.

-No one assassinates Butler, Heydrich, Salem, Cinder, Raven or Adam. I’m sorry, I know you want to put a power-fist through their foreheads, but their fates are already in place, don’t worry.  

-Any members of Families must have the family name in their own: an Arc is an Arc, a Nikos a Nikos. You can combine their names (Liakada Nikos-Arc, for example) but they must have the family name in their own.

-Relations with main characters are allowed (within reason) but try to avoid “long lost siblings” and so forth.  One of Qrow and Taiyang’s old Huntsmen associates, Ruby and Yang’s friends, Blake’s old White Fang pals, etc.

-Relations with characters in the AU are allowed (again, within reason) for example, Lia’s classmates at Beacon or JJ’s associates in the NP Science division, or Pyrrha’s office co-workers at the HOC. HOWEVER, No one “rescues” JJ or convinces him to turn away: he’s going to have to figure that out on his own. And please, no one submit Sucre’s father…I want that left alone.


But I hope this has whetted everyone’s appetite!

Comments are appreciated. Stay tuned!


MM! AU: Spring feelings
"You're definitely sharpening your form." Pyrrha said, as she limped out onto the porch. Jaune smiled as he resheathed Crocea Moors and leaned his shield on the railing. Turning back to his partner, he took the proffered coffee mug, sipping contently as he rested on the rail. It was then he noticed.
"Hey, Pyrrha....your hair!" 

The redhead stared at him, confused, for a moment, before she realized what he was talking about. blushing slightly, she reached up and pulled her long braid over her shoulder. 
"yeah..." she mused "I got tired of it getting in the way all the time, so i asked Velvet to braid it for me while we waited for the doctor at Haven." 
She toyed with her inter-braided locks, smiling. 
"I actually like it. it's....different." 
Jaune smiled broadly, leaning forward and giving his girlfriend a quick peck on the cheek, eliciting an "oh!" of surprise from the redhead. 
"I like it too." Jaune replied, as she smiled at him. He looked down at her crutches, his smile fading slightly. 
"What did the doctor say?" 

Pyrrha released her hair, her cheeks still pink, as she looked down at her leg, wrapped in an air cast. She wiggled her toes in her support stockings where they poked out of the tip. 
"My Ankle is recovering well, but he wants me to take another week or two before I try going without the crutches. Support stockings as much as possible, if not all times." She shrugged. 
"Not that big a deal. I wore them a lot anyway. My Chest is squared away, though i'm going to have a rather noticeable scar. My movements shouldn't be impeded, thankfully." 

"that's good to hear." Jaune said, as he sidled over to Pyrrha, allowing her to lean on him. She sighed contently, closing her eyes as she leaned her crutches on the railing, letting Jaune take her weight.  
"I'm going to need a lot of practice to get back up to spec. It's been weeks since I even held a sword." she said, as she used her finger to draw circles on his chest. She opened her eyes, looking up at him playfully.
"I think I know what that means..." Jaune said sheepishly, causing Pyrrha to giggle.  
Does Pyrrha like GYROs?
26 deviants said what's a Gyro?
21 deviants said Oh Sweet Mercy YUS
6 deviants said eh, kinda
30 deviants said WHAM
4 deviants said Headdesk?
4 deviants said Headdesk?
4 deviants said headesk.
3 deviants said Headdesk?
No deviants said Headdesk?
that put-your-fist-through-the-screen moment when you're almost done drawing an MM! AU pic with Pyrrha still recovering from Beacon Tower and she's using crutches and you got the WRONG LEG.....



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Should Arthur stay Iris' son or become Honey's son? (Currently trying to form backgrounds for every member of the team).
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I'd go with Honey...Iris would be a bit young, even for a bastard child, to be Arthur's mother. She's only a year older than Jaune, and for Arthur to be 25 at the time of the NPs attack on Beacon, she'd have to have been 14 to give birth to him. Honey fits better. 
Ohioguy Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist
Thank you. Okay, so that would mean that Honey would have been 18/ 19 when Arthur was born. That would also mean that Arthur was born a few years before the first episode.

Also what happened to Mistral after the siege? Because in the bio i'm working on, Arthur would have grown up during a virtual civil war in the kingdom before moving to Vale at the age of 8. If that's not the case, then he'll grow up in Atlas during the troubles.

TEAM ALBN will be ready for the contest! Along with three other OC's (The rules were quite clear, One Team as a single entry and three other characters as their own.)
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