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Three days to the beginning of the OC contest. Who's pumped? 

9 deviants said Me, i guess?
8 deviants said Didn't you say something about info sheets- (Slapped into silence)
6 deviants said Cabbage?
No deviants said I'm still waiting for more Bunny girls....


Robert O'Mannion III, esq.
United States
C.S. Lewis wrote:
"Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

Current Residence: MASS-UH-CHU-SITS
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Favourite cartoon character: Soundwave, Pyrrha Nikos, Princess Ilana, Church, Henry the green engine
Personal Quote: Still plays with trains...and DAMN PROUD OF IT!

Hello everyone! Soundwave3591 here.

My watchers will be familiar at this point with My ‘Mother Maiden’ RWBY AU, where Pyrrha, surviving the fall of Beacon and her encounter with Cinder Fall, must face a very different world, learn new things about herself, and struggle to raise her children as Remnant speeds towards darkness and chaos. Friends and loved ones will be lost, loyalties changed, and the role of the Huntsmen-and their very existence-will be in jeopardy. 

Needless to say, the popular support this AU has received (and the number of character ideas I’ve heard of) have inspired me to invite YOU, the Watcher and RWBY fan, to contribute to this New Path my AU gives the RWBY universe. 

See what I did there? Eh? EH?  (WHACK)  ow…..okay, okay. 

To this end, I will be holding a Mother Maiden AU Original Character contest, where YOU, the watcher, can submit your ideas for a character in the AU! 

NOW, now, before you all start throwing your characters at your computer screens, let me elaborate on what this will entail:

NOTE: the contest has NOT begun, and will not do so for a few weeks yet. This is simply to give any interested parties time to start conceiving ideas. 

Contestants will be judged on the following: 

-Depth of Character: what’s their story? What’s their motivation? How did they end up where they are today? Make your Character feel alive and well-fleshed out. Don’t just put in a basic bio sheet with one or two words per section, try to imagine you’re writing the character’s biography. 

-Consistency with the presented Timeline: I say ‘Presented” because, obviously the story isn’t over, and a lot of material is still in the works. So in this, things will be a little lenient. If you have specific questions about how well something fits, feel free to ask in a Deviantart Note. 

          I will be holding off on presenting “new” plot for the month of the contest in order to make sure no one has to re-write their characters, and will be providing basic info sheets on the major organizations to help you conceive of ideas, as well as a general timeline of events. Be ALERT, however, that I will try to elaborate on events I’ve already mentioned. 

-Realism: If there’s one thing RWBY seems determined to present, it’s that Life isn’t a Fairy tale. Everything doesn’t always work out, especially in a world of eldritch abominations that despise Humanity. 
To this end, Try to make your characters seem REAL: no Mary-sue “beat an army” powers, no invincibility, no superhuman power (beyond what can be expected of a reasonable semblance) Try to give your OC’s some sort of Flaw to counterbalance any abilities they may have. 

To use an example: Look at Jaune Arc, Jr, or “JJ.” The son of super athlete and Fall Maiden Pyrrha Nikos, and he can’t even walk without the aid of canes and has no discernible Aura. 

And it doesn’t need to be that extreme: give them an allergy problem, bad night vision, fear of cats! The sky’s the limit: get creative! 

And on that note: 

-Creativity: the more unique and interesting, the better! Look up tropes and clichés that are overused, and try to avoid them, or at least temper them with the aforementioned flaws. 
For instance, your character is, say, a Bada** fighter, but is an absolute dork in social situations (sees Pyrrha) And it’s not unheard of in this setting, either. Get Creative! 

Contest Dates:

Opening: June 1st, 2017, 12:01 AM, US Eastern Time.

Closing: June 30th, 2017, 11:59 PM, US Eastern Time.

Nothing submitted before or after these dates will be accepted. Period.

And that means I don’t want people saying “hey, is this okay?” and throwing their whole character Bio at me to try and get a foot in the door. If you have a specific question, fine, but focus your point ON the Question. If your character’s Name, Age, Classification, etc.  have nothing to do with the question, I don’t want to hear it until your final submission.

All submissions will be graded equally, regardless if they’re submitted at 12:02 AM on June 1st or at 11:58 PM on June 30th. Don’t think getting your character in “early” is going to give you a level up. Don’t rush it. You’ve got a month to think and design, and a month to submit. Take your time and put your best effort in.


Compile your relevant information and send it to me in a Deviantart Note. Once you’ve done that, Comment on the "Contest has begun" Journal (to be posted June 1st) to say you have entered, and what category your character is in! (the reason for this will be explained in the rules)

In order to help keep you guys from feeling like you’re being judged by everyone, I would like everyone to send me their character info in a private note. Your comment on the "Contest has begun" Journal is the official “entry.” You MUST comment, even if you’ve sent the Note, or it will not be counted.

Time Periods: To keep it simple, Three sections are available.

1: The “Grimm Incursion” covering a roughly 4 year period after the Fall of Beacon.
Events in this period include:

Formation of the Red Fang and the 'Grimm Legion:" Adam Taurus, enraged by Yang Xiao Long blasting out one of his eyes in her rescue of Blake from his clutches, Swears fealty to Salem and offers the White Fang as an army. Salem, delighted, empowers Adam with the ability to command Grimm and other dark powers, and incorporates the White Fang into the Grimm-Worshiping Cult of Shalim, creating the "Red Fang" and organizing a dangerous threat to the world. Joining Cinder and her followers, the Army of Darkness heads for war.  

The Siege of Mistral: Red Fang forces have Mistral surrounded and under bombardment, and Huntsman teams, against the instructions of the headmasters, join the Mistral Marines and the Mistral skirmishers in trying to outflank them. Back-and-forth battles in the hills and forests with Red Fang units and Bandit groups force the Huntsmen to confront the fact that the Grimm are not their only enemy, and the Military of Mistral, lain dormant for 80 years, must adapt on the fly to the realities of combat.

The Battle of Atlas: Red Fang Forces shut down Atlas’ automated systems and incite the Schnee Dust miners to revolt, forcing the Huntsmen to do battle in the frozen wastes. Alongside the Knights of Mantle and the Atlesian Specialists and Military, the Huntsmen do battle with Cinder Fall’s forces on the glaciers and in the ruins of Mantle.

The Vacuo Massacre: Cinder Fall, smarting from defeat in Mistral and Atlas, takes full advantage of both her powers and Salem’s abilities, and engineers a vast Grimm “Sandstorm” that swallows the Kingdom of Vacuo, killing thousands and laying waste to the city and dust mines. However, Mercury Black abandons Cinder’s cause after suffering serious injuries and callous treatment, and thus the Huntsmen are ready and waiting with the Vacuo Scouts and the Atlas Desert Corps to intercept her army after the storm has passed.

Cinder Fall disappears after this, only to turn up mysteriously killed two years later.

Pyrrha Nikos becomes the Fall Maiden, gives birth to Lia and JJ.

2: the “Time of Troubles.”

Despite the victory of the Kingdoms over the Red Fang and Cinder Fall, all is not well in the world of Remnant: Suspicion of the Huntsmen is high, with many blaming them for the chaos of the past five years.
          Atlas is in ruins, with the government on the verge of collapse and the economy in tatters. Mistral is rapidly militarizing, leaving some to fear the old Great War antagonist will become expansionist once more. The Faunus in particular have it rough, feeling the blame for the atrocities the Red Fang carried out and their continuing terror attacks on the Kingdoms.

On the other hand, Vale and Vacuo are both rebuilding, and Vacuo is experiencing something of a rebirth, as new Dust Mines and companies start to raise the standard of living. However, the people of these kingdoms tend to take an isolationist view as regards aiding Atlas and the dispossessed refugees, citing it as ‘someone else’s problem.”

Events in this period include:

Atlesian Depression and Revolution: Hyperinflation and famine cause the downfall of the 3-part Atlesian government, replaced with a wildly-varied “Center Party” congress of different political groups. Little progress can be made as party politics often prevent cooperation, and running street battles between armed gangs have the population in a state of panic.

Death of Jacques Schnee and collapse of Schnee Dust, adding to Atlas’ woes.

Formation of the Huntsmen Oversight Committee, to control and regulate Huntsmen activities and their level of authority. In reality a bureaucracy that allows the Kingdoms to control the Huntsmen.

Formation of White Paw, in Blake’s desperate attempt to reclaim the White Fang’s original mission. Is recognized by Vale and Vacuo, but has little authority.

Formation of “The New Path” under ex-Atlesian Specialist Sterling Butler, Promising reform and peaceful streets in Atlas under the banner of social reform, Faunus rights, rebuilding the Military and technological base, and Blaming the Huntsmen for Remnant’s woes. With the “Pathfinders” armed force, they soon rise to the top of the Atlesian government, becoming the de facto ruling government when Butler is appointed chancellor under public pressure. He quickly consolidates power to himself, effectively becoming a Dictator.

Destruction of Beacon Academy and Shade Academy by the New Path, the former by the New Path forces in an effort to rescue Jaune Arc, Jr., an NP member, and the latter through the use of a Superweapon as part of a long-running plan by Butler to wipe out the Huntsmen.

The New Path occupies Vacuo, forcing the surviving Huntsmen to flee to Vale.

The Second Great War: roughly 20 years after the Fall of Beacon.

The New Path, having occupied Vacuo at the request of the kingdom’s emergency council and neutralized dissenting elements in the city of Trobruk, turns its gunsights against Vale. When the Kingdom does not submit, Butler launches an overland invasion. Having only a small force of border guards, the Vale forces soon find themselves overwhelmed and forced to retreat.

Lia Nikos, daughter of Pyrrha and Jaune, organizes a resistance group of her fellow students and other allies under the tutelage of Mercury Black and Neopolitan, who have come out of hiding to fight back. Calling themselves ‘The Sweeney’ the group raids New Path lines of communication and outposts. Working in conjunction with forces within Vacuo, they weaken the New Path’s assault on Vale by forcing them to divert forces away from the front to track them down.
          Meanwhile, Volunteers from Mistral pour into Vale, bringing weapons and equipment to shore up the defenses. The remaining Vacuo scouts also join in, allowing the “United Kingdoms” forces to blunt the New Path assault in the ruins of Mountain Glenn. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Butler unleashes his secret weapon: The Pathmakers, Huntsmen brainwashed to serve his will and/or equipped with massive suits of power armor.
Pitched battles the like not seen since the Great War erupt around the embattled Kingdom.

And the final battle is yet to come, As Pyrrha Rallies her strength, and knows what she must do…

Categories for submission:

1: Huntsmen/Huntresses (individual or teams, Academy Students or Professionals. If you submit a character as a Student in the “Grimm Incursion” period, you can (but you are not required) to design them all the way through to the 2nd Great War.)


2: New Path personnel (Pathfinders, State Security members, Mantle Night Life figures (think Las Vegas) or Liberated Faunus) These can be righteous souls or complete bastards, it’s up to you how their personality will flow. 
References to New Path uniforms and Kit can be found in the “MM! AU” Gallery in my deviantart gallery.

Note: feel free to get creative with weapons and gear: the Pathfinders have recruited Huntsmen among their ranks, and they have confiscated and reverse-engineered a large amount of Huntsman gear.

2nd Note: please try to refrain from having them desert: Loyalty to a cause can trump personal feelings more often than not. You can have them be morally tormented, but unless you can write it really well don’t just have them jump ship at the first moment.

3: Red Fang members (either ex-White Fang converts or Shalim Cultists, and note that these are not limited to the period immediately after the fall of Beacon: the RF is active all the way up to the Second Great War.) 


4: Sweeney Members (who could be Huntsmen Academy students or professionals, Criminals, Ex-Red Fang, Occasional Deserters from the New Path, armed citizens of Vale and Vacuo, etc. This is one area where your character can be multiple categories: for example, a Huntsman and a Sweeney member.)


5: The People of Remnant: These could be ordinary civilians or members of some of the groups I’ve created, for example:

 Mistral Skirmishers
 Mistral Armed forces
Vale Rangers
Vacuo Scouts
 Knights of Mantle
 Humanity First
 The White Paw
Guardians of the Maidens
 Arc Clan or Nikos Clan members
Corporations that broke away from Schnee Dust

 etc, etc. Organizations you created yourself are also welcome, provided comprehensive background info is presented. 

This category can double as Sweeney members, if placed correctly in the timeline.   


When submitting your character ideas, please, please, PLEASE be as descriptive as possible, particularly of their appearance and weapons. If you cannot provide images of the character themselves, please provide as many references as you can.

 If you’re using an image someone else has drawn for you, make sure you have permission from the original artist first. 



Now, what would a contest be without a prize?  There will be three places:

Third Place: a drawing by me of their OC. 


Second Place: a drawing by me of their OC, and a drawing of their favorite canon RWBY character.


First Place: OC drawing, Fave Character drawing, and a drawing of a scene of their choice and description, be it from the canon series or a scene they conceive set in the AU. (No “Adult content” please)


All three will also become “Canon” characters in the AU, participating in the events they are set in. 

Now, to avoid spamming of a single category ( IE, everyone submitting Huntsmen, and so forth), there must be at least two submissions to each category in order for the contest to move ahead.

This is why, when you comment to say you have entered, please state what category your character is in: so people can see what’s what as regards the categories.



-As stated above, when you submit your character and your entry comment, please state which category your characters are in.

To make it easy, simply state what number category they’re in: for example, if you’re submitting a Huntsman and a New Path officer, you would say
“Hey, I just entered! My characters are Category 1 and 2.”

This is to help keep track of the numbers in each category. And on that note:

- Four characters, no more. Huntsman teams count as one entity, but only one team per participant: the other three entries have to be individuals.  And all four members of the team have to have Bios of their own. 

-Seasonal Maidens are out of bounds. They are already characters in the AU (Pyrrha’s one of them, and so is her mother.) Characters affiliated with them (like Pyrrha’s father, or agents of Ozpin) are allowed, however. 

-No one assassinates Butler, Heydrich, Salem, Cinder, Raven or Adam. I’m sorry, I know you want to put a power-fist through their foreheads, but their fates are already in place, don’t worry.  

- Please try to abide by the Color Rule when naming your OC: the Name has to be a color, sound like a color, reference a color, or make you think of a color. Such is the will of Monty Oum.

For example, Sterling Butler: the former references Sterling Silver, which references his silver eyes, while the latter brings to mind a Butler in their Black uniform.

There’s plenty of assets out there for ideas and color meanings, so get creative!

-Any members of Families must have the family name in their own: an Arc is an Arc, a Nikos a Nikos. You can combine their names (Liakada Nikos-Arc, for example) but they must have the family name in their own. 

-Relations with main characters are allowed (within reason) but try to avoid “long lost siblings” and so forth.  One of Qrow and Taiyang’s old Huntsmen associates, Ruby and Yang’s friends, Blake’s old White Fang pals, etc. 

-Please try to avoid overt fetish fuel, or otherwise “adult content” as regards your character: we’re all mature here, but let’s be serious.

-Relations with characters in the AU are allowed (again, within reason) for example, Lia’s classmates at Beacon or JJ’s associates in the NP Science division, or Pyrrha’s office co-workers at the HOC. HOWEVER, No one “rescues” JJ or convinces him to turn away: he’s going to have to figure that out on his own. And please, no one submit Sucre’s father…I want that left alone.

If you want to, say, have an OC who is the daughter of one of Jaune’s sisters, for instance, run it by me first: not all of them have kids.


Basic info on your OC’s should include:



Age: (corresponding to the timeline.)

Features: (Eye color, Skin color, etc. Even if you have an image, please include this.)

Kingdom of Origin:

(If Huntsmen) Academy of Origin, and by extension team.

Species: (Human or Faunus, and if Faunus what kind of Animal features do they have)

Category: (what organization, if any, are they part of, what role do they play, when did they join, etc.)

Active years: (Years will be broken into “Before “Ruby Rose” (BRR) as in Episode 1 of RWBY, and “After “Ruby Rose” (ARR)

For reference: Beacon’s fall to Cinder in the AU was 1 year ARR.

 Ruby was born 15 years BRR, Yang 17 years BRR, etc. The 2nd great War breaks out 20 ARR, for framing.

(If Huntsman or other combatant) Weapon: (please be as descriptive as possible, and by all means provide images if you can.)

Relations: (if any) with the Main characters (see rules for how deep these can go) or families of their own.

Summary of the character’s life and activities: a quick Bio on who your character is, what their story is, their motivations, how they got wrapped up in events, etc.

Other: Notable features, Personal Quotes, opinions, etc. Feel free to get creative.

I will be posting basic data sheets on the categories, so if you have any questions, by all Means, feel free to ask! I’m here to help if you have any issues, questions or concerns.

This is Soundwave3591, let’s have some fun! 


MM! AU: The Sweeney: Birth of Resistance

The Organization that would go down in history as “The Sweeney” was rooted in the early days of the Second Great War, As New Path forces operating out of Occupied Vacuo slammed into Vale’s thin border defenses, easily pushing them aside and advancing deep into Vale’s hinterland. As the small forces Vale could muster retreated ahead of the onslaught, communities of people were either overrun by New Path forces or bypassed entirely. But news still had ways of traveling…and reports of what the New Path was doing behind the lines still reached the outside world.

In Vale city itself, Word soon reached the few remaining Huntsmen that had survived the destruction of Shade academy: the New Path was apparently rounding up anyone-not just huntsmen, ANYONE- who possessed any sign of Aura use ability. Ozpin and the other surviving senior Huntsmen knew that, in their headlong retreat after Shade, a small number of their fellow Hunters had elected to remain in the field to both do their duty as Hunters and report on the advance of the New Path. One by One, these Hunters had ominously fallen silent.

With few of the Hunters who had survived Shade in any state to fight, Ozpin, in consultation with Peter Port, the Headmaster of Haven after Leo Lionheart’s imprisonment, Advised that, in order to consolidate their resources, the Huntsmen should retreat to the safety of Mistral, to regroup and plan a counterattack: Mistral’s memory of the Huntsmen’s role in lifting the Siege meant that the Military and government were both sympathetic to the Hunters, and were trusted allies.

Lia Nikos, Daughter of Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc, managed to hide her disgust at this idea when she and the other students of Beacon Academy were told: aside from the fact that, as the New Path had already destroyed Beacon, forcing the students to retreat to Signal Academy on Patch Island,  Lia’s Father had nearly been killed when Shade was struck by the meteor, and her mother, already long-suffering from the forced separation from her son, had suffered heartbreak after heartbreak since, and was a shadow of her former self. Lia herself was still recovering from the effects of an experimental Aura-disperser that her Brother had attacked her with when she and her team had brought him back to Beacon to try and talk sense into him…and look how THAT had ended up….

It was then that Lia was approached by none other than Neopolitan and Mercury Black: The two former allies of Cinder Fall pointedly asked Lia if she was simply going to follow all her life, or if she was willing to Lead. They, along with a few old associates of theirs, were planning to do a little pushing back of their own, and wondered if Lia was interested in joining them.

Both Mercury and Neo admitted self-interest motivating their actions, but also confessed a certain sense of “enemy of my enemy is my friend:” the New Path was after Aura users, period, not simply the Huntsmen, revealing to Lia information they had received from associates in the occupied territories: Even children were being taken away if they had such abilities, all of them being sent into Vacuo, where a growing facility loomed ominously over the city below, built on the former Shade academy grounds. Combined with the New Path offensive into Vale, it spelled one thing: a global crusade to wipe out Aura-users and anyone who could train them.
And then there was the biggest bombshell, one Lia hadn’t even considered: According to a source Mercury had in Atlas, the Destruction of Shade was no act of nature…

Unwittingly, the two had tapped into a growing identity crisis Lia has been experiencing, as she pondered if she was her own person or simply an extension of her famous Mother. Considering herself, how she modeled herself after Pyrrha, what had once been a decision of pride now rung hollow, and seemed to her to be trying to leech off her mother’s old fame. Mercury’s questions about who SHE was, not just who her family was, combined with her mother’s fading star and the news brought by the two former terrorists, pushed Lia into a decision.

Even as the transports for Haven were loading, Lia gathered her team BAZL, as well as some of their close friends such as team PWKL and SFRN (sans Sucre, who was still in Atlas) together and announced her plan: To take the fight to the New Path. They would head into the bush, using the survival training they’d received, to fight behind the lines, disrupting communications, destroying supplies and routes of reinforcement, rescue those captured by the New Path, and hopefully force the invaders to divert resources away from the assault on Vale. They would attempt to contact their friends such as team JSMN of Shade, who were still in Vacuo, and Mercury and Neo would also bring associates to the fight.

Lia’s plan was met with aplomb: after so long being on the receiving end of blows from the New Path, it felt good to be hitting back again. Before the teams left the academy, they’d already picked up three more teams to join them, as well as the support of Doctor Oobleck and Sherry Valewood.

Lia herself was given time to ponder, as she stripped off her old Nikos Clan armor and left a note for her parents in the family home: She was doing this for the future not only of the Huntsmen, but for Remnant as a whole. Now wasn’t the time to ponder and regroup. Like her parents had during the ‘Grimm Incursion’ she would act as she felt right.

Emerging dressed in a set of Arc family armor plates that had been a gift from her Aunt Iris, Lia turned to her followers, and with a Nod, the group, the foundation of what would eventually grow to an organization the size of an Army itself, secreted aboard a fishing boat and headed for the shores of Vale. Ahead awaited the New Path…and trials and revelations the likes of which the young Hunters never anticipated….

Three days to the beginning of the OC contest. Who's pumped?
9 deviants said Me, i guess?
8 deviants said Didn't you say something about info sheets- (Slapped into silence)
6 deviants said Cabbage?
No deviants said I'm still waiting for more Bunny girls....
MM! AU: Sherry Valewood
Yes, I decided to go there. I personally think it would be interesting for Pyrrha to interact with someone so close to Amber, and for her to confront the issue of "Hey, I know you're upset, but i think i should also tell you that i was going to basically take what was left of your sister's Aura." 

Ideas are Ideas. 
MM! AU: Visiting Comfort
The Sun was dipping low in the sky, casting long shadows over the bedroom where the two children were. Sucre said nothing as she continued doing her homework, stopping occasionally to peer a sad eye over at the bandaged redhead lying in the bed. 

To say she had been moved to tears when JJ had been returned safely home would be an understatement. The condition of her lifelong friend, so battered, so worn, and the haunted look in his eyes....

How could Acier, JJ's grandfather, have done something so....appalling? The few times she'd met the man, he'd been the picture of the paternal grandpa, showering his grandson with gifts and affection. the Mistral Battle flag of the Great War that hung above her on the wall had been a gift from Acier, as had many of the historical books and artifacts that were scattered about JJ's room. A spike of anger boiled into her heart: how was JJ, ever the scholar, supposed to enjoy these things ever again, if they all reminded him of his grandfather? 

It had been terrifying, to see Mama Velvet, her head more heavily bandaged than JJ's was now, laying comatose in the hospital bed, Yatsu weeping like a child, Coco struggling for control. Little Petra, the poor thing, she'd been so frightened....

Sucre herself had been frightened, when, upon Velvet's awakening, she'd revealed that Uncle Jaune's father had been the one who kidnapped JJ, who had nearly killed Velvet, which was then confirmed by Jaune's uncle Jonquil......

Sucre wasn't sure of she'd ever be so frightened as when she'd overheard Aunt Pyrrha tearing into Jaune, decrying him and lambasting him for refusing to denounce his father, his family, threatening to take Lia and JJ and flee home to Mistral and the walls of the Nikos had taken Lia tearfully coming between them to remind them that what was important was to Rescue JJ. 

And rescue him they had. Or, Almost, as it were. 

She didn't know the full story, but from what Sucre had learned JJ had somehow managed to actually escape the Arc clan compound into storm-swept seas of his own accord. He'd been found, half-drowned and near frozen, by Jaune's mysterious mother, apparently, and taken to Pyrrha's Father, Vrachos. 

In any case, JJ was home now. Acier was in prison, pending trial, and Pyrrha and Jaune seemed to be mending their sundered relationship. 

As for JJ's mending, however.....

With Coco and Yatsu occupied with helping Velvet get back on her feet and Petra at a baby sitter of her own, Sucre often found herself plenty of free time after school, which she decided to put to good use: namely, visiting the ailing boy who she'd known all her life. 

Sucre's own determination to help her best friend was likely what kept her coming back, day after day, to haunting silence. Always, as soon as she got out of school, she would dash over here to the familiar Nikos home, Greet whichever guardian who was watching over the recovering boy as dwindling finances had forced Pyrrha and Jaune back to work and, leaving her shoes by the door, she would tiptoe up to JJ's room, not wanting to disturb him if he was sleeping. 

He never was. He was, as she always found him, swaddled in bandages and staring with empty eyes at the ceiling, or out the window. It had taken almost a week of her visits before he would even acknowledge her presence by glancing at her for a quick second. 

Uncertain at first, her awkwardly sitting in JJ's desk chair had, over time, given way to her doing her homework, reading out loud to JJ, talking about things that had happened in school, and even staring out the window with him, pointing out things she noticed, trying to elicit a response. And so the week of silence had turned into a month....

With Summer approaching and the school semester ending, Sucre had made excellent progress on her homework. The dim sound of the TV downstairs, combined with the murmured chatting of Aunt Ruby and Uncle Neptune who were today's chosen guardians, combined to create just enough ambient noise that what happened next merely made Sucre jump rather than cry out in alarm as she closed her schoolbooks. 


The brunette's head whirled around, her forelock dancing, to lock her wide stone-colored eyes on the exhausted green gaze of JJ. 

"Jaune?" She whispered, before shaking her head for a moment, "I-I mean, yes? yes, do you need something? Can i get you anything?" 

For a long moment, JJ's thousand-yard-deep eyes bored into her, leaving Sucre to briefly wonder if she hadn't even heard him speak-

"Could...." JJ's lips barely moved, his voice faded and dry "Could you....." 

"Yes?" Sucre replied with concern, sliding out of the chair to stand by JJ's bedside and gently laying a hand on his arm. 
"would you like some water?" 

JJ shook his head, the motion so minute Sucre almost thought she imagined it. 

"C-Could you read....that story again?" 

"Which Story?" Sucre asked gently, already wracking her brain to recall the menagerie of tales she'd read to him over the past few weeks. 

JJ's movements were small, hesitant, as hee gently raised his cast-wrapped arm, his fingers wiggling slightly. 
"The.....T-The one about the Toy Soldier....with only one leg....." 

That descriptor was all Sucre needed to pinpoint the tale. It had actually come from a very, VERY old storybook, one JJ himself had given her for her birthday the year before. A reading lover herself, she'd cherished the book, and had thought it perfect to read to JJ as he lay. 

Smiling comfortingly, Sucre gently patted JJ's arm before she turned and padded over to her bookbag which sat by the door. She knelt beside it and gently removed the book from within the leather bag, almost cradling it in her hands, the purple cover faded, the letters, once resplendent in gold-leaf, now barely visible. 

returning to the bedside-and seeing, to her delight, that JJ's eyes were still upon her, she turned the desk chair around so she could sit beside the bed. Sliding her backside into it, she opened the book to the familiar page. 

"I'm not surprised you like this story" she said with a small giggle, as her eyes feel for a moment on a small collection of toy soldiers that sat on top of JJ's dresser. 

JJ said nothing. Sucre sighed internally: she'd hoped he was emerging from whatever grip he seemed to be trapped under. 

Ah well. baby steps. 

setting the book into a more comfortable position, she began reading aloud, as JJ turned his eyes back to the window and the setting sun beyond.

 There were once five-and-twenty tin soldiers. They were all brothers, born of the same old tin spoon. They shouldered their muskets and looked straight ahead of them, splendid in their uniforms, all red and blue....  


Sucre helping JJ recover from his kidnapping by Acier Arc. from the 'Mother Maiden" AU

"The Steadfast Tin Soldier" originally by  Hans Christian Anderson. 
TRL: Alexandrachos Lance Corporal
the Army of Alexandrachos is as varied as its tribes, but the core of the armed forces comes from the Jautan Tribe, one of the "Big Three" Tribes of the nationstate. Coming from the Mountains in the south of the island nation, This matriarchal tribe survived  by the strength of its warriors, and has brought that strength into the modern army. 

With great skills in survival in some of the most extreme conditions the frozen mountains, sodden jungles and trackless deserts can throw at them, the Soldiers of Alexandrachos have developed a respect for nature and can easily adapt to new situations.

Here is a female Lance-Corporal, equipped with a Model 23 Auto-rifle, and dressed in a desert tropics Pattern 14 uniform. On her head is the M3 "Salad Bowl" 1937 pattern helmet, while she wears specially-crafted silk leggings to ward off sand and desert insects. On her feet are suede and canvas "Sneaks" which hold up better in the harsh desert conditions rather than traditional leather combat boots.  



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