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February 12, 2013
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Spartan Empire WIP (updated) by soundwave3591 Spartan Empire WIP (updated) by soundwave3591
a WIP of the revised Spartan armament sheet.

top right:

Ikarus spaceworks AX-TGV "Hermes" troop carrier dropship, and it's Gunship variant

Ikarus Spaceworks RG-117 Tactical fighter-bomber
Ikarus Spaceworks BF-109G Space Superiority fighter
Ikarus Spaceworks TC-445 Exo-At gunship

Spartan arms TGX-1088 "Autolochus" Sentinel Armor. a walking tank that can be equipped with a variety of armament. crew: 5

SparArms XKS-224 Superheavy tank. armed with 2 208mm main guns that can fire rocket-asssited shells of every type, this tank is a decisive force on the battlefield. crew: 4
SparArms XKS-3001 MBT: armed with a 120mm MAC gun that can accept laser-lining for conversion into an energy weapon, this vehicle belies it's archaic appearance with tremendous durability and versatility. Crew: 5
SparArms VKS-3031: the "psychic tank" whose primary weapon is a Sanctioned in a shielded bubble, able to launch anything from mental collapse attacks to psychic energy bolts. they can also serve as shields.
SparArms XKS-3055 Medium tank: armed with a Las-Lock Plasma cannon, this tank is deployed to worlds where it's high-powered energy weapon provides a domineering edge. crew: 5
SparArms XKS-1033 AFV: this heavily armed support vehicle is designed to drop with orbital insertion teams, and can carry 12 infantrymen inside its rear compartment.
SparArms XCS-1007 APC: an armored troop carrier, equipped with a Type-226 All-purpose cannon. Capacity: 30
SparArms XKS-4001 Hovertank: an armored assault vehicle that relies on it's maneuverability over armor. crew: 3
SparArms XNS-2266 Armored car: this versatile chassis is used for security duties and escort. crew: 4-5, depending on armament.
SparArms ShA-60 H0d land dreadnaught: this vehicle serves as a ground-based siege weapon and command center. crew:12

Spartan motors DDLC-778: a General Purpose heavy truck than uses it's versatile suspension system to allow for all-purpose transport: it can be equipped to run on six all-terrain wheels, or have the wheel mounts converted into six hoverpods for hover travel or even flight. some models can be mounted with light cannon to serve as close-support vehicles.
Spartan motors MV-1107 4x4: a 4-wheel drive fast attack and transport vehicle.
Spartan motors DDLX-223 2.5 ton truck. a standard truck for cargo and troop haulage.

Shall-Ska warriors: these creatures, similar to ancient dinosaurs of Earth, provide scouting, security, and escort duties to Imperial troops. semi-sentient, only older creatures are able to communicate with other racers through speech. their rending claws and teeth are backed up by two rapid-fire blasters mounted on their shoulders.

The Spartan Army is one of the best, most dedicated, most skilled fighting forces in the known universe. Its troops are loyal, hearty, and able to face the most adverse conditions with a raised eyebrow and a “that’s all you got?”
When in those rare occasions that the Infantry are not enough, the Battle legionnaires, the elite of the elite, are dispatched. Fitted out in power armor that can operate in almost any condition and offers the users enhanced strength, durability and agility, these men have been seen to take out tank battalions. With their bare hands.
The Security forces, while not the best troops in the Galaxy, are more than a match for the armies of many nations. They offer an image of security and a ready willingness to fight.
On the opposite end of the skill spectrum, the Corinthian Guards, the royal guard of the Empire, have yet to meet an opponent they could not match. Decked out in refined power armor that recalls the garb of the Spartan Warriors of old, these men and women, equipped with experimental weapons as well as their own advanced skills, can face any opponent that threatens the security of the Supreme overlord.

In a league of their own are the Psychic Containment Force, a legion of hyper-skilled shock troops specifically tasked with subduing psychic threats. These anonymous units, whose faces and lives have been sacrificed for the Empire, are immediately identifiable in their masks and equipment exclusive to their unit.

SparArms TKS-2105 SPG: a massive 12-inch siege gun, this heavy vehicle sees service in digging out well-entrenched foes. crew: 8
SparArms KS-303L: a light 105mm Infantry gun used for close-quarters artillery demands. crew: 1-5.
SparArms TKS-2305 MLRS: A mobile Missile launcher, this vehicle can deliver a wide variety of 8-inch ordnance from HE rounds to anti-tank units to cluster bombs to even directed AA fire from within the armored housing of the turret.
SparArms TKS-4456 AA tank: a close-support vehicle, this tank’s twin 40mm autocannons can deliver a withering cloud of fire against both Air and ground targets.

Spartan Arms TGW-508 "Heron" scout walker. more maneuverable than the Autolochus, this formidable vehicle still packs a wallop. crew: 3

SparArms AK-401 "Titan" Exosuit system: one of the most dominating weapons on the modern battlefield, these weapons have served the Empire for centuries without being surpassed in terms of strength, firepower, versatility, durability, and ease of use. capable of both Space and Ground combat, the modular weapons packages allow for a wide set of abilities. crew: 1

SparArms XKG-224 Mobile Artillery system: a modular artillery system, these SPG's can be fitted with a wide variety of barrels. the two most common are the 20-inch Naval gun and the 406mm anti-orbital MAC gun.

Steam locomotives are in fact a superior form of ground transport, in that they are not reliant on electronics to function, and almost any combustible material can be used as fuel. as standard, Spartan Steam locos are a mix of armored and streamlined.
however,This does not mean that Sparta is above alternate forms of locomotive power: the Plasma-Hydraulic is used in plasma mining and energy plants, as well as flammable areas where a steam locomotive would be too dangerous.
Electric engines are sometimes used in high-altitude zones where atmospheric compression-or a complete lack of oxygen- would interfere with a steam locomotive’s operation.


more vehicles, and troops, to come soon. but I wanted to show off what I had so far.

yes, the Autolochus is an oversized Dreadnought.

Shall-ska based on velociraptors by Mike Brady at
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