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The Red Sons of Tenebrae by soundwave3591 The Red Sons of Tenebrae by soundwave3591
General Alderac Solin, Spartan Battle legionnaires.

Colonel Aldric Cassolin, Spartan Internal Security.

These men are two of a small population of Tenebraeans, including a number of Calveras, who, in the centuries since the first contact between Sparta and Tenebrae, have picked up stakes and left behind the gearwork towers of their homeland to establish new bonds in the iron spires of the Spartan Empire.

calling themselves "the Red Sons of the DCI" or simply "Red Sons" these beings have born witness to the massive social and political changes that have affected the Empire in the centuries since first contact. as such, they are held is as high a regard as the Supreme overlords and Heroes of the past, with statues and displays placing them alongside such cultural heroes as Leonidas, Xerxes Varek and Supreme Overlord Ramius, who led the charge in the titanic Battle of Terras 2, the final battle of the Psykic wars.

these beings, while still holding affection for their homeland, are Loyal Spartans, and naturalized citizens, as are their descendants. they are allowed to practice Tenebraean culture, so long as it does not interfere with their duties. many of the Calveras are the same as those who came across with the first immigrants: General Solin is seen as their de Facto Leader, both for his rank and place in the Spartan Court as well as his age: he has been a trusted adviser to Supreme Overlords for thousands of years.

These men hold it in trust that their presence is not an abandonment of their home so much as an 'extended defense:" their presence and position in Sparta allows them to both take an outside objective view of political affairs involving their country, as well as providing them with the means to sway Spartan opinion in favor of supporting their ancestral homeland.

Recently, in light of the attacks on the DCI, Supreme Overlord O'Mannion has spoken to General Solin, offering him and those Tenebraeans in the Spartan military the opportunity to return to Tenebrae and assist in her defense. the General, in a move that has generated some consternation among both the DCI expats and the natives of his homeland, declined the offer, stating that his oath of loyalty puts defense of the Spartan Empire as his priority, but thanking the SO for his generous offer.

Colonel Cassolin, as a member of Spartan security, likewise declined, stating his work investigating the recent surge in Psykic-based attacks was too important to leave.
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